Clark Little Lets Waves Crash Onto His Camera

UPDATE: Rich Tully works directly with Clark Little and just sent us this much better video. Click the full post for the original video posted:

One thing I love about running a website like Fstoppers is that I am introduced to all sorts of photography I would never have come across on my own. Such is the case with professional wave photographer Clark Little (you must check out his website). I owe a thanks to my dad who first told me about Clark's work and now we have a video that shows what it is like to be directly in contact with a huge wave crashing over you. If Clark comes across this post, we'd love to see a formal behind the scenes made with interviews and some information about how your approach to 'wave photography' has evolved. Perhaps Fstoppers needs to head out to Hawaii this spring!

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Danny's picture

That is pretty cool, like the concept as a whole the song is stuck in my head!! lol but yea this is pretty cool

Jon T's picture

Seems odd that in all those cases of him disappearing into the wave, there was not one single one of him emerging afterwards.

Why not show the full story chaps??? I want to see his expression after he's been pounded - is he smiling, shaken or what?

Joel Cookston's picture

the thing I most like about this is his passion for his craft - I've been tossed in a few waves over my life and it's gnarley what they will do to you. Respect to this guy who went after something he found interesting and exciting. Great vid guys> keep em' coming.

Kristopher Armstead's picture

Those.... waves.... are....... HUGE!!!!

Anthony N's picture

I like the fake sportscenter graphics.

Donnie Bell Design's picture

That guy has a lot of guts to take on a force of nature like that and be able to focus on getting the shot instead of getting hammered.

vicky's picture

holy shit, his photos are on my physics textbook

david's picture

those wave look like Waimea, but it's not.....probably North Shore somewhere.

Craig Bolen's picture

I shoot in the ocean,but it takes a huge set to dive into that big of a beach break.