Droid X Travels Across America In 5 Minutes

Awhile back we featured a popular video by Jeff Calbom in his Walk Across America commercial. Smithje77 recently traveled from Washington to Maine in 7 days. He was creative enough to take photographs every 90 seconds with his Droid X and piece them together in this fun video. The video is no where near as complicated as Jeff's version but it's still fun to see how much the landscape changes across North America. This reminds me of the time my family drove from Alaska to Maryland and down to Alabama back when I was a kid. I'd love to see someone create another video like this but travel through some more extreme terrain like the Rockies or the Arizona desert. Always remember, just because you only have a camera phone doesn't mean you have an excuse not to be creative!

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David Shepherd's picture

I turned this off because they skipped Chicago and went straight to indiana...not cool man, Not cool... 

Mr. Nuyoka's picture

Too Long Too Boring...
(And no! Its not what she said)

Robert Simpson's picture

Wow, I'm surprised at the low rating the community is giving this! I for one am VERY impressed at the projects results vs. lack of camera + gear porn .... I mean, we couldn't expect him to get a film grant or corporate sponsorship to put high-end DSLR's all over his car and record a moving-gigapixel coast-to-coast Google Street-View killer, uh? I'm really grateful for the effort this must have taken during 7 grueling days of travel ....  

Thanks, Smithje77, for sharing the fruits of your labor, and thanks Patrick for posting it.

Anonymous's picture

Musis is perfect

Robert Simpson's picture

@Rich ... agreed! "I ain't got no home" was by Woody Guthrie, but htis version sounds like it's sung by Randy Newman, don't you agree? Love it, though ... has a great "Going home" vibe.

I loved the clouds on day 2!!! But the rest of everything looked the same :( 

ArenaCreative.com Stock Photos's picture

This just goes to show you how boring the US highway system is - any travel by car over 6-8 hours becomes pretty monotonous. Nevertheless, big props to the dude who made it! He did something pretty cool here.

Wow, this kind of gave me a headache.

Jeff Calbom's picture

In the interest of truth, justice and the pursuit of accuracy, that was not me who produced the Walk Across America Commercial which you referenced Patrick. I simply tipped off Fstoppers as to its existence. Just wanted to clear that up.

Scott Mains's picture

Interesting concept. It wouldn't have been so harsh on the eyes if they had stuck to a lane while driving. Too many chopping from left to right.... Interesting concept, poorly executed...