Jim Reed is One Crazy Photographer

With a bunch of hurricanes heading our way, I figured it might be fun to show everyone that rainy days do not mean you cannot still pick up your camera. Jim Reed has made a career out of extreme weather photography and has some pretty wild videos to document his craft. Some may call it a craft and others may just call it being out of your mind but either way it puts a smile on my face. Click the full post to watch Jim run straight up into a tornado.


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zed's picture

crazy work, and crazy the pace, that this show just has about 3 seconds for each shot... talk about racing thru a subject.

Roy Patton's picture

ive been following Jim Reed's work for a while, and have never failed to be amazed.... man has balls of steel ...

Daniel Sullivan's picture

So Patrick, should we be expecting hurricane photos from you and Lee shortly?

Patrick Hall's picture

Ha, well the hurricane didn't hit us this time. Looks like Jerrit is your man

Grant Lankford's picture

That would be fun!