Living and Traveling in a Vehicle as a Full-Time Landscape Photographer

Have you ever wondered how people start full time in photography and even take it one step further by working and living as a full-time landscape photographer? Dave Morrow is one of those people and he spends his days in the middle of nowhere to capture the best images.

In this video, Morrow shares the tricks about his lifestyle, how he survives in outback and how he works as a photographer in the nature full time.

There are lots of photographers out there who lives in their RVs while using it as a mobile office space, and quite frankly, the options are all related to budget and income. It may sound expensive for those who wants to travel full time, however Morrow’s lifestyle and methods seem budget-friendly and he shares everything about it in detail.

For this kind of photo trip, you don’t need to quit your daily job, but it is a great way of spending a couple of weeks away from urban life and discovering wilderness. All you need is a good plan to avoid problems in the nature, and luckily, Morrow shares his techniques about how he packs and what he uses in his setup.

Would you dare to start an adventure like this? Or have you ever had a trip like this? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Jeff Hambleton's picture

Super brave video. I have a side that wants to do the same but the reason I'm not an old hippy is because I was to scared to get over to San Francisco in the 60's even though Scott McEnzie was driving me nuts.

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Burak Erzincanli's picture

Thanks for the tips Bob! Also, I don't know him, but based on his videos, I don't think he could even fire his gun to a wild animal even he is in danger.

JT Blenker's picture

When traveling the western coast states, a pistol is illegal without that states permit. Those states don't allow permits for non-state residents. When traveling to those areas it's best to leave the conceal carry home and keep the bear spray and a GPS emergency device handy even if it's not bear country.

Dave Hayford's picture

Awesome.....Thanks for sharing. I have done quite a bit of Northern Michigan wilderness tent camping, often by myself, hunting and photographing when I was a bit younger. The video sure makes an Old Guy wish he was younger. So for you young folks......get out there and do it.....while you can. Make those memories that you will never forget and you can reflect on later in life. Just Do It.

JT Blenker's picture

I thought I was looking at my vehicle when I go scout/shoot in this video. The only thing that caught me off guard was the direct attached inverter to the vehicles electrical system. Idiot proof resonates with me because I know I would leave it on by accident. It's great he has a back up battery but with traveling so much and relying on power remotely, it may eventually be a good idea to add a deep cycle battery to the vehicle. It can be used to charge equipment without effecting the main car battery. It would charge up when the vehicle is on. Lastly, it could be used as a backup to the backup for the jumper battery. Great vid behind the Eureka Sand Dunes.

Burak Erzincanli's picture

yeah energy must be biggest issue here, but hey nice tip!

Kyle Medina's picture

Exactly why I bought my X. Can sleep in the back and still off-road worthy (gas sucks). Though I don't are with the sponsorship. Its an easy way to have extra income. You may not need it now but putting it away smartly now will be beneficial in the rocking chair days. Only agree to the companies you trust and have no impact on your travels.


Oh man, I love this, thanks for sharing! When my kiddo turned 2, we started doing "boys only" trips, just the two of us, so far venturing out mostly to the west coast in our little truck. Admittedly, it's pretty darn tough trying to do any serious photography with a kid, let along live out of the car for any meaningful length of time, but it's so much fun and as close as I can get to this sort of adventure traveling. Last year we even mixed it up with some bikepacking! As he gets older, I plan on traveling further up north, maybe up to Canada and deeper into the wilderness. Being an avid off-roader/camper/hiker the dangers of traveling away from civilization, especially alone, are all too familiar to me, so my hat's off to Dave Morrow - this takes guts!

P.S. Xterra is a great truck for this sort of thing!


Few more from our adventures in Xterra, living "off grid", hopefully not too far off topic here :)

Burak Erzincanli's picture

you are so lucky Alex!

Kyle Medina's picture

What roof rack is that?

Rashad Hurani's picture

A dream life! one thing though, where do you get the money to support this life style? Does landscape photography pay off?

Burak Erzincanli's picture

He also sells educational videos on his website

Kyle Medina's picture

Thats why I said on my comment sponsorship isn't all that bad. Just don't sell yourself out for any Joe Blow brand.

B T's picture

Awesomely informative Video! You take this to another level. Would like to know what brand of hiking boots you show in the video. (Solomon is my goto but my favorite pair is wearing thin). Stay dry, safe and hungry for the next adventure!

Burak Erzincanli's picture

I don't know what Dave wears, but I heard lots of good comments about Aku brand

TImothy Tichy's picture

Interesting way to live, but I think I'll stick with my RV for traveling. Something about having a hot shower and a proper kitchen.