Nat Geo Photographer Dewitt Talks About The "Right" Shot

In the video below National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones talks about looking for the "right answers" during every photoshoot. As professionals we are always put in the position to take the best possible image even if that image may not be easy to capture. Dewitt explains what it takes for him to not just get a decent shot, but continue to get the "right" shot over and over in every situation. How confident are you that you can deliver amazing photography in any situation?

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Pasha Kyrychenko's picture

I don't like when people are talking like's so madeup and kinda strange, buuuuuuut pictures are..."awesomazing" =)

Rikki Paul Bunder's picture

like what? positive, confident, its a pity that more people don't talk like that. Obviously only when they know what they are talking about, and by looking at his images, who he has worked for, books he has written, we should sit up and listen and learn.

Sean Shimmel's picture

Hmmm... for me the talk, the words, the IDEAS are actually my very favorite part of the video. In an industry obsessed with expensive "stuff" it's immediately refreshing to discover free (but always costly) ideas like these here in the video.

alright! retro TED

I wish the video was longer. very interesting.

Matt Brodie's picture

There is actually a 20 minute version of this called "Everyday Creativity" that was produced as a video, not just a lecture.

Pure gold !!! more please.

jimmi tofthoj's picture

I love it. End of story.

So refreshing to hear the thought process behind advert photography! 

Inspiring, wish I had clients that would allow me to travel the world and just shoot my heart out!

Davide Zerilli's picture

he's really intense... love his vision of creativity process! linked it in the website

Interesting stuff - must remember more than 1 right answer