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Peter Lik's Photos Require Their Own Furniture

The Fstoppers team just got back from Miami and the Bahamas, and while we were there we came across Peter Lik's newest art gallery in Miami Beach. I was first introduced to Peter's amazing landscape photos at his Las Vegas gallery in the Venetian Hotel, and I'm always blown away every time I step into one of his galleries. Peter uses large format panoramic cameras (some film some digital) and then prints them LARGE with his own special printing process. When his prints are displayed under gallery lighting the images pop off the wall unlike anything I've ever seen before. You can even dim the lights to reveal different qualities in the prints. Check out this video of Peter talking about what makes a good landscape photo and click the full post to see how you can see Peter on your television soon!
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Yianni M's picture

One proud Aussie here ;)

Peter is awesome! I guess his work speaks for itself.


david's picture

Ha, funny, I just back from Miami on Monday and stumbled into his gallery while i was there. Really intense stuff. For awhile, I thought the images were backlit, but they're not. It's impressive, although some have a touch of HDR to me. They may not be, but that's the way I perceived some of them. Good for Peter for carving out a nice niche in photography and thanks for the vid boys. Come on back to NYC anytime....


August Young's picture

Wow, Peter... Im amazed. I have seen your work several times and have always been impressed but to hear your story I have a found love for your work.!!!

Michael's picture

So I'm about 85% sure I've actually met Peter before and shot side-by-side with him...

I was in New Zealand in 2009 for about six months. One of the spots I visited was Lake Matheson, a narrow lake that offers a great reflective view of Mt Cook. I set up next to an Aussie with a 6x17 panoramic camera. We chatted a bit and ended up getting skunked by clouds. I know he gave me his name and website, and I remember looking at it (looked very similar to Peter's now), so like I said I'm about 85% sure it was Peter Lik.

Excellent photography, Great example of the photographer making the picture - not the newest and fastest camera and lens.

Andrew Williams's picture

Wow I mean like omg those photos that peter took left me speachless I'm in love with the eigth to last one cuz it looks like a scene out of a movie. This video almost makes me want to risk my life to take beautiful shots like that.

Carlos Ontiveros's picture

I saw Peter Liks Gallery in Las Vegas in the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace and the other in the Canal Shops in the Venetian

Really awesome work.

Dennis Stamatoiu's picture

I love his processing. I have one of his prints in my hallway and its amazing.

Cliff Hodges's picture

Great video. Some of the most stunning photographs that I have seen.