Taking Your Camera To The Swamps

I'm always getting asked by our readers to post more videos on landscape photography but it is really tough to find good videos on landscape photography. Luckily landscape photographer Clyde Butcher has a nice little interview where he talks about how he got into landscape swamp photography and some of the gear he uses. All of his work is black and white and you can really tell how he has been inspired by other black and white photographers who have come before him. If you appreciate black and white landscape photography you will enjoy this video. Make sure you check out Clyde's portfolio to see more of his work since he doesn't showcase much of it in the video itself.

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Joey Alias's picture

Truly inspirational. Thanks for this!

Derek's picture

A modern Ansel?
Awesome work maybe even better than moose peterson.

Tomas's picture

Fantastic video!!! His work is really epic in scale. why did the camera start shaking like crazy 3 or 4 minutes in? Wouldn't you do an interview like this on a tripod not handheld? Anyways great video...

Matt Steeves's picture

This guy is a living legend where I live in South West Florida. He has a lot of patience sitting in mosquito and alligator infested swamps with a 20lb large format camera. Not my cup of tea but I'm glad he's around to show us his work. Inspiring.

August Young's picture

Inspiration is ageless.

Edwin's picture

Is there a less "cut" version of this interview? It almost feels like a lot of great stuff was cut out!