Another Rapper, Another Stolen Instagram Image

It's nothing new, but stories of stolen photos will always deserve credence. This time Sean “Diddy” Combs is the offender, posting an image from another photographer without permission or credit, in similar fashion to Ludacris posting photographer Paul Pichugin’s beach shot back in July. However this time, Combs has nearly 2 million more followers and the photo community is again in an uproar, and rightfully so. 

Diddy has been quoted from Music United saying: “Put yourselves in our shoes. We pour our heart and soul into making music for everyone to enjoy. What if you didn’t get paid for your job?” Given this present circumstance, seems a little hypocritical to me, wouldn’t you say? 

Screen cap from Cole's instagram

The original photographer @cole_younger_ posted his photo 13 days prior to his image appearing on Diddy’s feed in lower quality. You can even see a white line arcoss the poached image, most likely from the crop and repost. 

[via Pop Photo]

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Andrew Griswold's picture

Something I see every day with fellow photographers and creatives on Instagram. Its a tough spot trying to even get close to reaching out to the person that reposted it through that site especially with someone having a million followers. Best case scenario you can reach someone at Instagram for comment or get them to tag you or have the image removed. I know plenty of fashion pages that do this exact thing with some luck to have the image reposted or just deleted completely. Not likely it will happen but would love to hear how the community can help in this case. Great post to get the word out there

Mr Blah's picture

I'm sure IG could imbed the user's name as a "auto-tag" when stuff is reposted within IG.

I'm not a user but I can't see how this would be hard...

Daniel Flanagan's picture

Yeah! Something similar to Google's "Content ID" on YouTube...

Mike Kelley's picture

Snoop Dogg lifted and reposted my 'Wake Turbulence' shot with no attribution or link, either.

It's an epidemic. I know many others who have had the same thing happen to them who haven't been mentioned here either.

Kyle Ford's picture

Seriously? I suppose you're supposed to be grateful your work is getting out there right?

Jennifer Kelley's picture

I don't understand what is so hard about reposting rather than stealing an image. He obviously saw it somewhere, took the time to save it, then posted it from his own account. What is so hard about just sharing from the original source? Plus if you're a well known musical artist and you say "hey, I found this, check it out", that makes you kind of awesome. You'd think musicians, who have launched multimillion dollar lawsuits over stolen work would be a little more careful.

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Aww its ok, bcus Obama!

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I baffles me, if someone's photo inspires you (which is often in this day an age), being a celebrity/high-profile isn't it simplier to just credit the creator at the very least vs letting people think it's your own work? Now look at all you bring to yourself. . . .No sympathy for the negative criticism he's getting now because of it

Christian Berens's picture

It sucks. Even when I shoot portraits, write a simple message to give credit and don't reedit, people do it anyways....

Jon Wolding's picture

P. Diddy didn't steal it... he just bicubic sampled it.

Justin Haugen's picture

The greatness of this comment has been sorely overlooked.

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we are all reaping from our napster days! lol

John Sheehan's picture

I think Diddy took it down, but I don't see anything where he apologized and credited the original photographer.

John Jackson's picture

I've found non photog's just don't think much on how the photo got there. With the internet most people are overwhelmed with visual saturation of incredible photo's everyday and have no concept on how they were done, or care. Bottom line, I know it's painful but once pics are uploaded, especially to social media, you almost have to walk away... or get real bitter.