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Get Your Photos Up On Times Square Billboards On Monday – For Free

So here’s an interesting offer you don’t see every day. If you’ve ever wanted to see your photos up on the huge digital billboards in Times Square, here’s your chance. It’s all happening this Monday. Total cost - nothing. Entry is simple and open to anyone – and if you can’t make it to Times Square on Monday, you can still tune in and watch live.


Branded Cities, the company that owns two of the largest digital screens in Times Square has give Vincent Laforet a couple of slots to trial a big social experiment as well as display some of his photos from Project AIR.

The idea is simple. Vincent wants to use social media (something he often calls ‘anti-social media’ because of how isolating it can actually be) to bring people together, connect with those who are following him and his Project AIR work, and share the opportunity he has been given to air his work with others.

The cost of ads for these billboards run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars an hour range, so this is about some of the best free real estate for your work you can get.

If you are any doubt as to just how crazy big these things are, check out this video of the trial run that took place last week, with a rather shell shocked Vincent seeing just how big the images are up on the board.

He’s been given a number of slots on Monday from noon to 1.15pm to show his work. He asked if he could use some of the time to share with the wider world. This is your, our, everyone’s chance to have their work selected.

It doesn’t matter if you want to submit a portfolio print, or a selfie, as long as it’s suitable to be broadcast in Times Square, you are in with a chance to win.

It’s very easy to enter to submit, just follow these simple steps. Image dimensions and sizes aren't super important, as long as it's in the Here’s some info from Vincent himself:

How to participate: 

Submit your own pictures (portfolio/family/other) to appear on these two billboards! My goal is to share this opportunity through social media platforms to engage with as MANY people as possible.


There are 3 ways to submit:

1. Submit a story through (deadline is Sunday 10th May 11:59pm EST)

2. Email a photo of you, your family – anything you want  – to  (this is open until Monday 11th May 9 AM EST).

3, Email a photo from Times Square between 12pm – 1pm EST and have them be displayed LIVE from 1pm-1.15pm during the event!

While entry is free, he has one key request, which will help quantify how successful the experiment has been  – when you Tweet/Instagram/Other, please add @laforetAIR and #AirTSQ hashtag to whatever content you will be submitting and encourage others to do the same so that we can find your content.


If you can make it to Times Square on Monday between 12pm and 1pm, you can even submit images of yourself there which could make it onto the billboards for the 1pm-1.15pm slot.

Here are the two webcams that you will be able to watch in on live:  (Reuters)  (Nasdaq) show up during the run time.

Good luck and let me know if you see your work up on the screens


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Adam Ottke's picture

This is really awesome... but I don't quite understand the third step... We email the photo again? From Times Square? To where? And what's the exact difference between step 1 and 2 besides the time we email?

Arne Bo's picture

Got a little confused as well. But I think it's EITHER of these 3 steps...

Eric Mazzone's picture

Yeah, 3 ways to submit meaning three options. So feel free to choose one. :)

Adam Ottke's picture

Got it! Thanks. I thought we had to do all three...that makes sense, now.

David Geffin's picture

yeah sorry - you can do EITHER of the steps.

The third step is basically - if you're in Times Square from 12-1pm and you take a photo of yourself etc, you can still submit it and hopefully see it 'almost-live' from the 1-1.15pm slot.

Natalie Bickert's picture

When do Others' work show? I haven't seen any yet?

Eric Mazzone's picture

It's now 1:30pm and I have yet to see anyone else's work.

Andrew Yianne's picture

I watched the Nasdaq billboard almost the entire time and only saw Vincent's advertisement and other paid advertisers. What gives? From 1-1:15, it was only Vincent's ad.

Eric Mazzone's picture

The only one I've heard of seeing their work up there was Clay Cook. I gave up at 1:30 eastern.

Alterick Wilson's picture

Will we be able to see it later cause i'm in Nebraska?