Leica Announces M10-P Reporter, a Limited Edition Camera to Celebrate Press Photography

Leica Camera is celebrating the history of creating cameras to suit press and reportage photographers' needs by announcing a limited edition camera M10-P Reporter as a homage to the achievements of great press photographers.

This launch comes following an announcement made at the 40th anniversary of the Leica Oskar Barnack Award (LOBA), which recognizes photographers who document powerful work on the theme of the relationship between mankind and its environment and is named after Oskar Barnack, the inventor of Leica.

This limited edition camera follows in the footsteps of cameras, such as the Leica 250, whose film cassette held 250 exposures, and the Leica MP, which is a Leica M3 variant equipped with the Leicavit rapid winder. In regards to technical specifications, as the name suggests, the M10-P Reporter is identical to the Leica M10-P, which has the quietest shutter of any Leica M camera and is also the first one from the series to have a display with touch functionality.

The M10-P Reporter features a dark green design and Kevlar camera trim, which is an extremely high-strength synthetic fiber often used in the production of ballistic-protective clothing, thus reflecting the harsh conditions during which many of the most remarkable press photographs have been created. 

An interesting feature of this camera means that even as limited edition cameras, they will become completely unique over time. This is because the camera's body armor will gradually turn the same color as its top and base plates through exposure to sunlight, developing its own patina, which means that each camera will become a unique signature of its owner.

Leica M10-P Reporter sells for $8,795.00 and is limited to 450 units worldwide; you can read more about it here

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Alex Cooke's picture

Oof that's one gorgeous camera.

El Dooderino's picture

Oh but that price!! Ouch!

Alex Cooke's picture

Truth! I'll just drool from a distance.

El Dooderino's picture

I will....just as soon as I win the lottery so I can buy two!

Scott Kiekbusch's picture

Leica Announces M10-P Reporter, a Limited Edition Camera that no journalist could actually afford

Chris Rogers's picture

What reporter can afford that?