The Queen of England Is Hiring a Social Media Manager... and That Is Where the World Is At

The Queen of England Is Hiring a Social Media Manager... and That Is Where the World Is At

Social media has become an important part of any business, especially if your business is reliant on your image, attention, and being the figurehead of a country that makes buckets of money off of tourism.

The Queen of England is a busy lady and social media is an integral part to any sort of PR strategy for a celebrity/figurehead/politician and, now Monarch. The palace is currently hiring a new social media manager If you're an experienced social media mogul, you might just be eligible for a new 9-5 working on content for the palace. Covering state visits, award ceremonies, and any sort of daily news that comes up. 

While the pay seems a little low for a job that looks to be pretty stressful, it has some great benefits and as a government job you probably have a lot of job stability. It wouldn't be too difficult to transition this into a photography job, from social media posts, to phone photos, to being the next Pete Souza! It's that easy! Plus with 33 days of vacation you can still do a couple of weddings on the side! 

It's really fascinating to see an organization that is so old, finally, embracing modern technology. While with people like Trump show us how... interesting a social media for a figurehead can be, a job like this would give a lot of access to great events and possibly seeing some interesting moments to report on. The job requires creating content for social networking and digital platforms, as well as researching and writing featured articles... wait a second, that's what I do!

What do you think? Will you be applying? 

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Kirk Darling's picture

My daughter currently making more money as a social media manager than I've ever made at anything.

Albert Harris's picture

Oh the life of public service.

Phil Wright's picture

Long live the queen!

D R's picture

I wonder if they'll use follow/unfollow :)

Joseph Costa's picture

Could you even imagine the manager would literally be imprison fro doing that that to her Majesty's reputation.

D R's picture

You wouldn't have wanted to do it to Henry the 8th or Kim Jong-un in this day and age!

John Pettigrew's picture

Does anyone care what the queen or any other members of the royal family do?

Simon Patterson's picture

Surely this isn't the first time the job has been filled? The British royal family only really have one job, and that is to promote the British royal family. They seem to have managed it pretty well most of the time for a while now.

Igor Warzocha's picture

I know it's a long winded thing to read online, but...

My friend met a guy who used to work in this role. Basically a crash-course in crisis management (which was the topic of the conference he was attending).

Not recommended.

Carl Murray's picture

... how is this really related to photography? Like, really... this is a stretch.

Alaine Sorrell's picture

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