TIME Magazine's Latest Cover Blends Trump and Putin's Faces to Reflect Recent Solidarity

No stranger to controversy, Time Magazine is sparking debate again with their most recent cover, an eerie combination of Trump's and Putin’s faces, the magazine’s response to the former’s desire for a summit with the Russian president.

The cover image aims to reflect the recent solidarity between the two leaders and represents “this particular moment in US foreign policy,” according to the magazine. Commenting further, TIME said:

Trump’s puzzling affinity for Putin has yet to be explained. To represent that conflict, [Cover Designer] Burson merged the faces of Trump and Putin into a still image and video which morphs between the shifting appearances of the two world leaders.

Alongside the announcement, the publication tweeted a video showing the morph between the two leaders’ faces, accompanied by the tagline: "Trump wanted a summit with Putin. He got way more than he bargained for."

Naturally, the Twittersphere had plenty of opinions to offer, with users calling it “creepy,” referring to it as a “nightmare factory,” and claiming it can “never be unseen.”

The cover’s release follows Trump standing beside Putin and refusing to acknowledge Russia’s alleged involvement in tampering with America's 2016 election, before claiming he had misspoken and actually meant the opposite of his original statement.

The cover image will appear on the magazine’s July 30, 2018 issue and is the work of Visual Artist Nancy Burson.

Digital imaging by John Depew.

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Jkb Tffl's picture

Watch out a Pepe with glasses.
He might even be able to read!

Eric Mazzone's picture

Funny how the only ones liking this are trumpsuckers and Russians.

Also funny how the group who constantly screams about everyone else being overly sensitive are themselves the most obnoxiously sensitive.

David Penner's picture

I'm not obnoxiously sensitive about it but it's sorta annoying when it's at least once a week that fstoppers posts an article on Trump. We are getting bombarded with anti Trump stuff every day. Would be nice if I could go on one website and get away from it.

David Pavlich's picture

I have to agree. Doesn't matter if it's Trump, Putin, Trudeau, May, or the local Justice 'O Peace, it really would be nice to have one site remain devoid of politics.

Yes, it's photography and how it can be manipulated, but the fact that it's two high profile political figures, you KNOW what the subject will manifest in terms of responses. Note that my response is the only one that had a hint of the actual photograph. That has to tell you something.

Jkb Tffl's picture

WTF tis is an article about how a magazine illustrated a political situation.
Not about the political situation. If you can't deal with that I suggest you install this

David Pavlich's picture

Lighten up, Frances.

Eric Mazzone's picture

And yet another cry about how every media outlet is being SOOOOOO mean to trump. WAAAHHHH, the snowflakes won't leave trump alone WAAAHHHH!

David Penner's picture

I'm not saying to leave Trump alone. I'm saying they don't need to post articles about him all the time. I'm here to read about photography. Not politics.

Sergio Tello's picture

This is an old as dirt photoshop technique, nothing newsworthy. really.

Rex Larsen's picture

The digital Time Magazine cover is chilling and speaks volumes. A disturbing sign of the times and a reminder that photography is a powerful medium.

David Penner's picture

Not sure if you are being sarcastic or not.

Rex Larsen's picture

Hi David, The comment is straight forward and my serious opinion.

Philipp Schmid's picture

I don't care about what what the Time magazine (or any other which covers politics) puts on their front cover but I absolutely despise this being posted here. Instead of Trump and Putin imagine Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams. Not a single person on FStoppers would've cared. The image is neither exceptionally creative/inspiring, nor difficult to recreate. Instead, it's just here to divide the FStoppers user base and provide fuel for flame wars in the comments section (of a website which covers everything about one specific kind of ART and nothing else). What an awful reason to write an article.

dale clark's picture

I don't think it was TIME, I remember a photo doing the same with President's Clinton and Nixon during the whole "I never had relations with that woman" controversy back in the 90's. The funny thing about politics, no matter what side you are one, both sides are generally one and the same