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Why One Photographer Left a Large Camera Company's Ambassador Program

Becoming a camera brand ambassador is the dream of a lot of photographers, representing a certain echelon of professional status and of course, meaning you get to use a lot of expensive top-end gear without having to pay for the privilege. However, this photographer made it into the ambassador program of a major brand and then decided to leave it, and this enlightening video features him discussing why he made the decision.

Aputure Launches LS 600x Pro: An Incredibly Powerful Continuous LED

Aputure has made a name for itself for creating some of the best lighting on the market, all without putting the price out of reach of many photographers and videographers. Now they have launched their newest LS-range lamp head with staggering maximum power.

Free Workshop This Weekend: #BeAlpha Live Online

Every year, Sony hosts a number of free online educational platforms. For me, these have quickly become events I don't want to miss. And the next one is this weekend on August 15th.

Lasers Will Damage Your Camera Sensor, Says Sony

A few unfortunate photographers have found out the hard way that lasers can permanently damage camera sensors. Now Sony has listed the warning on its website, hopefully preventing further accidents.

It's Confirmed: The Canon EOS R3 Will Be 24 Megapixels

The Canon EOS R3 is getting closer to a full announcement and release and is currently in use by photographers at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. After a lot of rumors and speculation, we now have firm confirmation that the camera will indeed feature a 24-megapixel sensor.

The Canon EOS R3 Will Be 24 Megapixels According To EXIF Data

Despite confirming a ton of specs, Canon has held back revealing the resolution of its forthcoming speed beast. However, EXIF data from images shot using a prototype R3 at the Olympics show that the camera has a 24-megapixel sensor.

The Canon EOS R3's Likely Sensor Resolution Emerges

The Canon EOS R3 is likely in use at the Olympics as we speak, and we can expect it to be fully announced at some point later this year. While Canon has dropped a few impressive specs about the camera (like a 30 fps continuous burst rate and eye-controlled autofocus), one important specification has been noticeably absent: sensor resolution.

Speech to Text in Premiere Pro Is Here

It's a massive time-saver if you don't have to write out text, get it into your video project, align it correctly, and make corrections. It's now automatic in Premiere Pro, and it's something that puts Adobe ahead of Final Cut and Da Vinci Resolve.

Agent Shadow Film From Kosmo Foto Arriving September

Is this the coolest film packaging ever? Kosmo Foto’s new “Agent Shadow” film has been fully funded on Kickstarter with four days to go. The film is scheduled to be shipped from September 2021.

Canon Is Looking to Dominate All Levels of the Mirrorless Market

So far, Canon has put out some impressive mirrorless cameras and lenses, many of which have price tags to match their envelope-pushing designs. They have not entirely overlooked the budget end of the market, however, and it looks like they will be addressing it further by announcing a remarkably affordable full frame camera in 2022.

Canon Can't Meet the Demand for RF Lenses

Canon recently released a list of RF lenses that it cannot meet the demand for. Is this simply poor planning or a clear sign that its new lenses are exceeding expectations?

Canon Will Beat Nikon to the Punch With the EOS R3

Now that the Sony a1 is out, a lot of the market's attention has been turned toward Canon and Nikon, who are readying the EOS R3 and Z 9, respectively, for announcement. It looks like Canon's EOS R3 will arrive first, in just a few months.

Is This the Only Filter System You'll Ever Need?

Accessories for cameras have improved in both quality and function over the last decade or so, but perhaps not as quickly as other areas of equipment. This new filter system, however, aims to overcome a lot of the irritants around stacking filters.

Own a Drone in the US? You've Got to Do This Before Your Next Flight

The FAA has some new regulations you have to follow as a drone pilot, regardless of whether you're just flying recreationally, or even if you already hold the Part 107 certification. Fortunately, compliance is free and easy, and you can do it right now.

Nikon's Retro Zfc Mirrorless Camera Likely Coming Tomorrow

There have been persistent rumors that Nikon is readying a heavily retro-inspired mirrorless camera called the Zfc for release, and more information has emerged, including a likely announcement date of June 28. Other information includes an expected price and likely specifications.

The Sony a7R IV Is Now Discontinued Amid Confusion

Back in April, Sony quietly updated its a7R IV, bumping the quality of its rear display and renaming it the a7R IVA, in keeping with manufacturers’ tendency to choose model names that follow no logic. The a7R IV has now disappeared from sale, and right now, you’ll struggle to buy either of these cameras.