Photography News

More Exciting Canon Lenses Are on the Way

We know that Canon is bringing a lot of new RF mirrorless lenses to market fairly soon, and it looks like we have more information coming in, with some exciting news on new designs.

Some Big Canon Lenses Are Likely Coming Soon

We have recently seen Canon discontinue more and more DSLR lenses as they continue their transition to mirrorless, but thankfully, there are a lot of mirrorless lenses on their way to replace them, and it looks like we will see three more quite soon.

Are Liquid Lenses the Future of Photography?

Xiaomi recently teased a liquid lens for their newly announced Mi Mix smartphones. The liquid lens can change shape to alter the focal length and focus to suit a range of applications. Is this the future of lens technology?

Canon Is Planning a 100-Megapixel Mirrorless Camera

The Canon EOS R5 is the company's highest-resolution mirrorless camera to date, but as the general 5D analog, it actually is not meant to be the company's high-resolution body. This means we will likely see a high-resolution RF mount body at some point, and it looks like Canon is aiming to clear 100 megapixels.

A Lot More Nikon Mirrorless Lenses Are Coming Soon

Nikon mirrorless fans will be pleased to hear that the company is planning at least a dozen new lenses for the next 12 months, greatly expanding their lineup and filling in both some popular and premium options.

Canon Is Planning to Update One of Its Best Lenses

Canon's 200mm f/2L is known as one of the most impressive lenses out there, and so, it was disappointing not to see it on the company's mirrorless roadmap. That may be changing, however, as a patent for a new version has emerged.

Could the Next Fujifilm GFX Camera Have a 127-Megapixel Global Shutter Sensor?

Sony has announced a new 127-megapixel medium format sensor that has a global shutter. Sony has described it as having "the industry's highest effective pixel count of 127.68 megapixels." This does, however, come with a number of caveats, although it is effectively the highest-resolution sensor with a global shutter.