Photography News

A Lot of Canon Lenses Are Coming This Year

Canon's RF lenses have been highly lauded for their impressive optical quality and boundary-pushing designs, and the company is continuing to develop and release new glass. It looks like the second half of 2021 is going to be particularly exciting, with a huge collection of lenses on the way.

Is Sony About to Announce a 50mm f/1.2 GM Lens?

This is one that will grab many fans’ attention. Is the Japanese giant just weeks away from announcing a 50mm f/1.2 GM? How much will it cost and will you be placing an order?

Røde Just Updated Its Game-Changing Wireless GO Microphones

A year ago, Røde introduced its Wireless GO microphones which offered fantastic wireless audio performance at a great price. The company has just released an updated version which brings a number of improvements to an already impressive system.

A New Sigma Lens Is on the Way

Who doesn't love a new Sigma lens? The popular company, known for its varied lines of quality, affordable lenses looks to be readying to announce their next lens in just a few days, and it will likely be a popular choice for a wide range of photographers and filmmakers.

Crikey! Steve Irwin's Son Wins Prestigious Photography Award

The world mourned when the crocodile whisperer and wildlife personality, Steve Irwin, was stabbed through the heart by a stingray. However, it seems his talents have carried over to his son, Robert, who has just claimed the top prize in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Canon Might Bring Back Eye-Controlled Autofocus

Back in the days of film cameras, a few select Canon bodies had a very interesting feature: autofocus points controlled by your eye. The feature never made it over to the digital side of things, but that may change soon enough, with a new patent showing Canon researching the possibility of adding it to its mirrorless line of cameras.

We Haven't Seen the Last High-End Olympus Cameras Yet

When Japan Industrial Partners acquired the Olympus Imaging Division, it wasn't entirely clear what the future would hold for its storied lines of cameras. For fans of the cameras, there is a bit of good news: we can expect to see a new high-end camera from OM Digital Solutions at some point.

Judge Rules National Park Filming Rule Unconstitutional

Filmmakers, YouTubers, and other content creators received a big win recently when a D.C. Federal Judge ruled that the permit and fee requirements applying to commercial filming are unconstitutional. Still photography rules remain unchanged, although they weren't as restrictive as the filming rules.

Canon's Supertelephoto Mirrorless Lenses Are Coming

Canon's supertelephoto lenses (informally known as the "big whites") are crucial for wildlife, sports, and photojournalism work and are also widely known as some of the best optics the company produces. As Canon continues to build out the RF mirrorless lens lineup, it looks like a lineup of supertelephoto lenses is coming soon.

Will Upcoming MacBook Pros Bring USB Ports Back?

As much as Apple's computers have led innovation in design, they also may have taken the minimalist approach too far with all their recent models only offering USB-C ports.