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Next Week Will Be Huge for Fujifilm Cameras and Lenses

Fujifilm revolutionized the world of medium format a few years ago by introducing a line of cameras and lenses that offered all the benefits of the larger sensor size at prices that significantly undercut traditional medium format prices and even competed with upper-level full frame prices. The company is showing no sign of stopping, with more cameras and lenses to come next week, along with new X Series gear as well.

Sony Teases New Alpha Camera Announcement Next Week

The full frame mirrorless camera world has been majorly heating up in the last year or so, with Canon in particular challenging Sony's place at the top of the technological development race with the EOS R5. Now, Sony is preparing to strike back, teasing a new Alpha camera that will be announced next week.

Video Shows Photographer Breaking Back in Deathly Surf

“I just remember feeling weightless and it taking a really long time to come down." What came next for surf photographer Ryan Moss wasn't pretty. He's now in a hospital bed in Honolulu. To see exactly what happened in waves never seen before, read on.

Is Fujifilm About to Shock the Photography Industry Again?

A few years ago, Fujifilm sent shockwaves through the industry by releasing a medium format mirrorless camera with modern features and capabilities that was priced tens of thousands of dollars below other medium format offerings, followed by two more models that pushed the boundaries of price and capabilities all the more. And now, the company seems set to do it again.

Canon's Other Mirrorless Line May Finally Be on Its Way Out

With all the fanfare and excitement surrounding Canon's RF mirrorless line, it can be easy to forget that the company actually has two separate mirrorless lines, with the second being the EOS M. That line's future has been in question since the introduction of the more advanced RF line, and it seems now that Canon may be getting ready to shutter the line.

Take $500 Off a Sigma Art Lens Today Only

Sigma's Art series of lenses has matured into a very comprehensive and capable line, allowing the company to also add some more unique offerings, such as the 40mm f/1.4 Art. Today only, you can take $500 off that lens.

Nikon Says Things Are Getting Better for the Company

2020 has seen a lot of speculation that Nikon is in serious trouble, both due to its own internal issues and the ongoing pandemic's consequences. However, in a recent interview, the company has said that things are looking up.

The Canon EOS R7 Is Likely Coming Next Year

Canon's EOS R5 and R6 cameras have been very popular and well received, while the EOS RP and EOS R help to round out the lower ens of the company's mirrorless lineup. However, besides the upcoming flagship model, one notable absence is an APS-C model, but it now seems likely we will see such a camera next year.

Godox Launches Their Take on RGB Tube Lights: The Godox TL60

One lighting trend I've found particularly interesting has been the emergence of RGB tube lights. Godox has just launched their TL60 tube light that brings a few unique features to the space. If you're looking for a unique way to light your next photo or video shoot, are these the ones you should pick up?

Canon Patents More Innovative Mirrorless Lenses

Canon has created some very innovative and impressive lenses for the RF mount, with optics like the Canon RF 28-70mm f/2L USM pushing the boundaries of lens design and offering photographers new creative opportunities. It seems Canon is showing no signs of stopping, with several further patents for new mirrorless lenses emerging.