Photography News

Is Nikon Going To Release Two New DSLR Cameras Instead of Just One?

Rumors have been circulating for a while that Nikon plans to upgrade its legendary D850, but the latest speculation claims that the Japanese manufacturer is in fact planning not one but two more DSLR cameras. Is this the right move and what should these cameras be?

Nikon Just Teased Its Roadmap of Mirrorless Lenses

Nikon fans, take note: the Japanese manufacturer has just released a teaser of all of the glass that Nikon mirrorless users can expect to see in the near future, bringing the total number of lenses to 27.

Adobe Announces Black Friday Deals

Adobe has announced early Black Friday deals for its Creative Cloud subscriptions packs, including more than 20 creative apps.

Metabones' New Adapter Lets You Use Any Canon Lens on Fuji Medium Format With No Issues

Traditionally, you can adapt lenses made for a larger format on a smaller format — full frame lenses on an APS-C sensor, for example — but going the other way will produce issues the majority of the time. But thanks to Metabones, you can now adapt any Canon lens to a Fujifilm medium format camera with full functionality and no loss of image quality.

New Photo Book Documents the Fascinating Heyday of Punk Rock

­Michael Grecco’s brand new book, "Punk, Post Punk, New Wave: Onstage, Backstage, In Your Face, 1978–1991" features more than 160 previously unseen photos from the heyday of the explosive punk rock movement in the United States. Working for the Associated Press in Boston as a photojournalist at the time, Grecco freelanced for local cultural media outlets, including the legendary radio station WBCN-FM. He had a unique opportunity to be embedded inside this unprecedented scene from the beginning.

Magnum Continued to Sell Photographs of Vulnerable Children, Including Sexually Explicit Images

Three months after announcing an inquiry into its archive, it emerged that Magnum Photos was still selling sexually explicit images of what appear to be children through third-party websites. An image of a half-naked child playing with their genitals was also available for purchase. Further images described as “juvenile prostitutes” were still for sale on the Magnum website itself until they were removed on Friday.

DJI Announces More Powerful Mini 2 Drone With 4K and OcuSync 2.0

DJI announced an update to its smallest drone, and it’s a big one. Removing the Mavic name from “Mavic Mini,” the new DJI Mini 2 brings upgrades like 4K video at 100 Mbps, a properly sized remote with the famed OcuSync 2.0 for more reliable connections up to 10 km away, upgraded motors, and more — all still at a size and weight that keeps it free from FAA registration requirements.

Discount Alert: The Sony a7 III Has Never Been So Cheap

The Sony a7 III is still an incredibly popular camera and that’s probably one reason that it’s held its price for so long — until now. Sony has a number of discounts available at the moment but it’s the price of the a7 III that grabs the headlines. Will you be placing an order?