Photography News

The New Photoshop Update Brings Some Dramatic New Features

Adobe has just announced the roll-out of version 22.0 of Photoshop, an update that brings a range of new features, including neural filters which can manufacture someone’s smile and change a person’s age, all with a handful of sliders.

Adobe Announces a New Version of Lightroom, Sort Of

Adobe has announced — and then unannounced — a range of updates to Lightroom, bringing a new color wheel, improved tethering, better zoom, and general overall performance improvements. Will you appreciate the difference?

Skylum Gives Us a Sneak Peek of Sky Reflections in Water

When Skykum gave us sky replacement features in Luminar 4 in 2019, it was a breakthrough that didn't require masks and a lot of work. A whole lot of landscape photographers and real estate photographers loved the feature.

Adobe Stock Launches Library of 70,000 Free Assets

Free stock assets are becoming more common, with stock behind large paywalls and one-time fees falling out of favor. Adobe have now launched a library that plays into the budget friendly option.

New Getty Images and iStock Cash Grants Worth $20,000 for Emerging Artists

With the onset of the pandemic and slowdown in production, income from stock photography has become an increasingly important source of revenue for many photographers. Getty Images and iStock have recently announced a new program to provide grants to emerging photographers interested in entering the stock photography market.

Nikon Announces Z 6II and Z 7II: Small But Meaningful Improvements

Nikon has just announced the second generation of their full-frame mirrorless bodies, updating the Z 6 and Z 7 to Z 6II and Z 7II. These feature updates improve some crucial areas of camera performance, but is it enough to keep them competitive? Check out the features that have changed and decide for yourself.

B&H Introduces Huge Discount on High-Megapixel Canon 5DS and 5DS R Cameras

There has understandably been a lot of chatter about Canon's new mirrorless cameras, but their highest-megapixel cameras are actually two DSLRs: the 5DS and 5DS R. Right now, B&H is offering significantly deep discounts on both cameras, allowing you to pick one up for almost 65% off the normal price.

Uber-Style Photo App Snappr Lets You Book Photographers in Real-Time

After landing $10 million in Series A funds, a new app has launched which allows users to hire photographers using an Uber-style system. Initially based in cities and metropolitan areas, a photographer can be booked only hours ahead of when you need them, with some available for hire for as little as $89 each session.

Trump's Re-shoots in a Dangerous Time

Photo ops don't always go they way they're supposed to, especially if the photograph is taken in dangerous times. In fact, some of the most famous photographs in history are the product of a re-shoot. Sometimes though, the re-shoot still puts lives at risk.

Facebook Threatens to Quit Europe Over Data Privacy Ban

For many photographers and videographers, social media is a great way to not only present their work, but also to communicate with current and potential clients. Instagram individually is the largest photo-sharing site in the world, and what happens to these platforms has far-reaching implications for our industry.