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Alexa Meade's Living Paintings

Alexa Meade, a LA based artist, has been turning human canvases into two-dimensional works of art. With acrylic paint and her intricate knowledge of light and dark Meade is able to play with shadow as she paints human bodies to make them appear as if a 2D portrait.  In this TED Talk, Alexa shares her innovative approach to art and how she transitioned careers after college to pursue her artistic passions.

Images used with permission by Alexa Meade.

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Golgo Thirteen's picture

What an amazing artist. This seemed sooooo rehearsed though. I think I could look at her work for hours up on hours. I wished she didn't try so hard to sound like an artist though. Still she is very good and unique, also she is very pretty.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

I think the crazy part is how she came to do this stuff, just dropping her college education and going a different route. I think public speaking causes people to sound rehearsed a little.

Anonymous's picture

very interesting ....will be nice to see this live.....
i like it a lot.

Adam T's picture

I've been following this lady for about a year now, and I'm still impressed whenever her work comes up.

Henry Block's picture

Impressive and original. So much of photography is now technically perfect, boring and over done. Thanks for sharing this.

Christian Berens's picture

wow, what an amazing idea and vision!

Tony Guillaro's picture

Why is this post labeled as NSFW?

I want to share it with people