Creative Minds Today Call for Constant Creation

Why do we keep creating? Why do we feel the need to keep creating something that nowadays merely feeds to the largely insatiable society that craves new content, new trends, new visuals? Jakob Owens created a brief but thought-evoking video which gives an insight in how today's creative mind works.

Owens makes a reference to how, although not everyone wishes or is capable of creating, everyone consumes the end result. With the spread of technology and Internet, the information can travel from one side of the world and back in a blink. Similarly, creative content is everywhere we look, and we all consume it in one way or another, whether it is music, art, photography, design, or blogs.

The shorter the span of public, the larger the need for new creations arises. For artists, this means constantly throwing yourself in the process, and finish it with a question: "What's next?" Soon as consumers devour your content, they move onto the next best thing, and in a way, artists do the same. Owens notes his mind is "always racing," always searching for what to create after his latest work becomes a "distant memory" in viewers' minds.

We have become capable of creating amazing things with the phones in our pockets, we have access to new innovations in the media industry, and as such, limitations in the actual process of creating are decreasing as we go on. Does your mind work 24/7, throwing out new ideas, new concepts and projects? Could you see a life for yourself if you were unable to keep developing what your mind envisions?

Cover image by Jakob Owens.

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