Do Photographers and Videographers Need to Suck Up to Others to Make It?

It's a topic we're all aware of but few actually bring up. Most, if not all industries involve some level of acceding to higher-ups or more accomplished people or simply, well, sucking up. However, it always seems to be particularly prevalent in creative industries, and this video examines the need (or lack thereof) for that. 

Coming to you from Olufemii Tutorials, this thoughtful video essay examines a slightly uncomfortable question, the connection between appeasement and success. Because of the structure of the creative industry and often, society's general regard for it, artists of all forms have to resort to appeasement of one degree or another. As a classical musician, I'm constantly fighting for the validity of my little corner of the music world, and often, when it comes to opportunities, that means swallowing a bit of my pride. I know that can certainly be tiring, having to constantly humble yourself to a level below that which your accomplishments and qualifications command, but unfortuantely, that's also a part of the world we live in, and I've seen plenty of proud artists make a stand on principle only to wind up broke. Of course, one can also go too far in the other direction and end up with no dignity. It's certainly a tricky balance, but I think the video makes a good case for understanding just what appeasement is and how it's not all doom and gloom for the creative. 

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borisschipper's picture

More interesting then the title suggests

Michael Yearout's picture

Alex: I anticipated an interesting examination of the subject matter in the headline. Did I miss something?

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Sucking up/Networking all the same.