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Top 10 WeeklyFstops: Light

The WeeklyFstop depends not only on its loyal readers and participants, it relies on light. Light determines what we see and how we see it. Our photos depend on us controlling the camera so the light coming through the lens exposes correctly. This week's list of photographers submitted some superb examples of photos featuring light. 

Sorry for the one-week hiatus. I heard from some people checking to make sure we were still on which was great! I'll try my best to never take more than a week off.

Before I get into the honorable mentions I should credit Mother Nature a bit for some of the beauty you're about to see. Not that I've been elsewhere to really compare, but this is one beautiful planet.

Honorable Mentions:

Tamara Alvarez

Benjamin Smith

Ben Macri

Sean Odell

Iron Oak Studios

This Week's Top 10:


Berks County Prints


David Haring


Kyle Kephart


Ars Industria


Jean Lebreton


Allan Read


Artisanal Photo


Alex Pedraza C


Matt Payne  


John Crisp​​​​​​​

This scene is straight out of either a dream or a sci-fi movie. The light beams look so mysterious and magic. Great shot John, congratulations!

Be sure to check out all the entries here: #weeklyFstop on Instagram A big thanks to everyone for joining in. As always, my opinion is subjective, so if you think I missed some good ones feel free to share them in the comments.

What is This Week's Theme?

I've been asking for ideas for themes since we started and last week, even though I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming, I got a list of suggestions. Thanks for the ideas Pedro! This weeks theme should provide some excitement since we are going with:


The hashtag to use is #weeklyFstop. If you are tagging an old shot that is fine, but please try and keep it to one shot picked for the theme per week.

Here are the previous week's results for anyone who may have missed:

  1. Leading Lines
  2. Bold
  3. Color
  4. Yours
  5. Simplicity
  6. Monochrome
  7. Music

Remember, there is no guarantee posting a photo will result in it being featured. If we get going and you fall short, keep shooting and try and learn from the photos that are selected. We can all learn to like our work a little less sometimes in order to grow. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas feel free to contribute in the comments.

Before you run off to get your next #weeklyFstop submission ready, are you all aware of the ongoing Fstoppers Photographer of the Month contest leading up to the Fstoppers Community Photographer of the Year? Alex Cooke covers how to be selected at the bottom of the above post.

Speaking of the Fstoppers community are you part of it? Did you know you can have your own portfolio here with chances to be featured on the homepage as Photo of the Day? If not be sure to check it out. If you already comment then you have an account. If not, use the sign-up button and upload some work! Besides uploading your own work and having a portfolio on Fstoppers, making an account allows you to follow your favorite writers and artists so you will be notified every time they publish new photos or articles.

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Christos Dikos's picture

Thank you for the recognition (Berks County Prints)! Time to work on the next one.

Michael B. Stuart's picture

You are very welcome!

Pedro Pulido's picture

hell yes!! that first picture is top quality!! congrats crispphotography1977 !! Great shot !!

John Crisp's picture

Thank you so much for the kind words

Michael B. Stuart's picture

Right?!? Thanks Pedro!

Alan Godfrey's picture

Great photos all!

Michael B. Stuart's picture

Thanks for looking Alan!

Alex Armitage's picture

Man. I'd love to participate in some of these but can't submit any of my work :\

Alex Armitage's picture

When I tag my old photos they are so old they get lost in the tag. So If I tag something I posted from March, it's past some of the previous subjects' submissions.

Michael B. Stuart's picture

Alex, I actually scroll all the way to the end most weeks. I always find good shots that way so please keep tagging them. Also feel free to tag my account or message me to make sure I see it. :) Thanks for commenting.

Alex Armitage's picture

Michael - I'll do that!

Alex Armitage's picture

Also youre the best. Thank you

Michael B. Stuart's picture

Why thank you! :)

John Crisp's picture

I really appreciate the opportunity to share my work with such great photographers. This is something I’ve taken on pretty seriously over the last two years and I have learned to love it more than you’ll ever know. My wife and I were driving home from West Virginia and just as we crossed the Virginia border we come across this beautiful scene. It was without a doubt a magical scene and a magical moment that I may never ever get to experience again. This coming week will definitely be a challenge to me that I look forward to because action is definitely not my strong suit. Look forward To the challenge and seeing everyone’s work next week. Thanks again.

Michael B. Stuart's picture

Way to have your camera with you at the time John. Keep up the good work, and thanks for participating!