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The Mountain

It is an invention of men, not mountains, to compete for the sky.

Model: Miyoung Margolis


A fun experimental shoot lit with home depot spot lights fixed to furniture by clamps in my loft.Hence the abundance of warmth in the photo. My tripod for the evening was a New Balance shoe box; surprisingly useful.I snatched the cloud of a sky in Spain and painted in the mountains int he background from a photo of the Olympics in Washington. I used 3 differnet texture overlays to bring a painterly feel to the finished product.

50mm · f/5.6 · 1/13s · ISO 400
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Just assumed this was a female nude!

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:) Glad to put a little more into your coffee!

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Thanks Chris!

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Took me a while to see what I was looking at, nice photo

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Thank you Jordan!

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I've looked at this photo a dozen times, and I still think it's a lower-half bodyscape whenever I see the thumbnail. I love the double visual. Very cool.

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Thank you for checking my photo out a dozen times!

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Image grabbed me right away...Like the idea.

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Really artsy. Great work..

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Absolutely awesome! Very cool idea, well executed

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Nice, a new way to water board someone

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I defy anyone to pass this photo without doing a second take. Well done. Thanks.