back to the roots by Michael Kloetzer
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back to the roots

November 30, 2015

simple one light portrait

50mm · f/3.5 · 1/125s · ISO 50
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Pete O'Brien's picture

Great light, looks close to natural light. Love the simplicity.

Michael Kloetzer's picture

Thank you

JAZZMAN 8's picture

Great photo. I'm big on hair and impartial to photo's that do it justice.

Alan Pearman's picture

you mean 'partial' I'm sure..

Joseph Anthony's picture

Drawn to her right eye, is it unnaturally bright? He hair does look great, she really is beautiful. Love the lighting and pose.

Michael Kloetzer's picture

Thank you Joseph. I try not to overdo dodging and burning.

Mike Gillin's picture

Great shot. Love the lighting and pose. The way her hair curls around her left eye is great.

Michael Kloetzer's picture

Thank you

Daniel Hollister's picture

Love it :-)
Single light source and no reflector?

Michael Kloetzer's picture

Thx. Softbox above and round white reflector below.

Emma Grigoryan's picture

such a delicate beauty and photo

Michael Kloetzer's picture

Thank you

Rani George's picture

Love the lighting

Michael Kloetzer's picture

thank you

Timothy Saula's picture

Beautiful !!

Rayvon Hartzog's picture

Okay here's my opinion I love the lighting, I love her face the way her left eye is framed by small portion of her hair, the way the hair falls gracefully across the left side of her face and down her left shoulder. I love the triangle created by her arms almost everything about this makes it a spectacular photo the only thing about it that I don't like and this just goes back to my original training as a photographer and that is that she is dead center of the photograph. If she was little bit offset I think I would've liked it even more. I gave it a 4 out of 5. Like I said that's my opinion

Boris Urumov's picture

Great light and all, yes, blah, blah, but you did a fantastic job pulling out a curious moment in this image! Love it!

Michael Kloetzer's picture


Robert van Hall's picture

Lovely lovely, lovely. Model, lighting, retouching.

Michael Kloetzer's picture

Thank you

Louis Tinsley's picture

Great look. Loving this portrait.

Michael Kloetzer's picture

Thank you

Jay Smith's picture

This is an excellent image. I can view the catch light in the model's eyes. I believe this type of lighting is called broad light which causes the triangle light on the model's face away from the light source. The shadows are excellent. I am new to this sight. If there is one thing I could suggest is that you might want to consider cropping the negative space on both sides of this wonderful model.

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Mikhail Anderson's picture

This is an awesome photo, I just wished they're was more lighting on your model's face to highlight her eyes. Awesome photo nonetheless.

Michael Porterfield's picture

One of my faves!