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An Elf's Lantern

December 14, 2015

While walking through the forest for a lot of hours and days I tried to find a way to bring the tiny things in those area to live much more. Sometimes the tiny things have so much power, beauty and awsomeness but still they are overseen by a lot of people.
With this series I want to give mushrooms a stage to show there whole beauty and elegance.

90mm · f/3.2 · 1/3s · ISO 100
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Chris Mantle's picture

Cool shot, my favorite of the 3 in this series.
Care to share how you lit up the underside?

Patrick Imbacher's picture

Nice shot! Love the colours!
How did you light the inside of the mushroom? The only idea i could come up with it attaching a tiny LED in there :P

Dana King's picture

Orange gel, low power flash (for underside?) top def hit with a flash. multiple images blended. Gave it 5 stars - good shot and creative.

Richard Morwood's picture

I'd also really like to know how you got the inside lit so nicely. A speedlight over the top so light gets right through, 2 images blended? Lit from behind and up? Looks really good!

charles warren's picture

Very interesting shot and great leading light.

Jordan Pinder's picture

I love this photo - magical light, love the contrasting orange and green, and the background. Great work!

Radek Skrzypczak's picture

looks great! love the light!

Deleted Account's picture

Amazing shot. The lighting under the mushroom head is incredible. The post processing, crop, the whole nine yards. Def a worthy winner of the photo of the day!

Marcel Zizkat's picture

Hey ho at everybody. so cool that this shot was voted for photo of the day. also it was a pretty long time ago i managed to have a look on this page right now, because I was tooo busy with all my stuff going on and a change of my work.

How to:
This picture is blended in photoshop.
It was about 3 images for the sharpness of the mushroom. 1-2 for the background.
and about 5-7 for the light under the mushroom. then I blended all the parts together in photoshop. I used a normal LED torch to illuminate the inside of the mushroom.
thanx again for the vote. hopefully within the next month I can be more active here, because I really like the page and the content uploaded. thanx a lot.