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The Great Nebula in Orion taken from the Arizona desert

January 27, 2016

this image was taken from the picket post trailhead outside of Phoenix, AZ. this image was taken using an 80mm refractor and a canon t3i mounted on a mount that compensates for the rotation of the earth. This image is a stack of 12 - 10 minute exposure images for a total time of 2 hours

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Mads Peter Iversen's picture

Wow! The Orion Nebula are so pretty! amazing stuff out there :) are the colors real?

Josh Borup's picture

Thank you! Those are are the true colors, however this image has been somewhat saturated to give a more vibrant look

John Haggart's picture

Did you use Deep Sky Stacker to post process or a different program? I live in Globe, AZ and do a little astrophotography myself, but this is stunningly good. Congrats on photo of the day!

Josh Borup's picture

Thanks john, I used pixinsight for all my stacking an processing. You should definitly come to one of our meet ups Check out Arizona Amateur Astronomy Club on Meetup http://www.meetup.com/Arizona-Amateur-Astronomy-Club/

John Haggart's picture

I may just do that, thanks!

Tyler Newcomb's picture

What mount did you use? Price? Where can i get one?

Josh Borup's picture

I used the orion atlas, its $1400 new and you can get it on telescopes.com

Tyler Newcomb's picture

Oh, that's not a great price.

benpearse's picture

Wonderful work

Joost van Baars's picture

Absolutely awesome!