Karole Josefa by Tony Lillo
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Karole Josefa

January 27, 2016

Modèle : Karole
Photographe : www.ynot-photographe.com

Fujifilm XT1
56mm 1.2 · f/7,1 · ISO 200
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Christian David's picture

Beautiful !

Tony Lillo's picture

Thank you

Alexander Slanger's picture

Beautiful light.

Tony Lillo's picture

Thank you

Carlos Andres Duenas's picture

Perfect. I mean perfect! Great work

Tony Lillo's picture

Thank you

Campbell Sinclair's picture

I would love to photograph my fiancee like this. What did you use on Photoshop to get the soft look ?

Tony Lillo's picture

1 flash cobra Yongnuo 560 EXII 1 softbox 70x70 et un reflecteur

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Tony Lillo's picture

thank you

Bill Larkin's picture

nice coloring to complement hair.