Cheers to forever! by Patryk M
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Cheers to forever!

This was a really exciting couple whom I was honored to photography their engagement. This image in particular involved some decent set design with the props needing to be put in perfect location. Not to mention. I needed to of course position the couple perfectly. Describe to them the scene and what energy will be needed to pull this shot off. I wanted to make sure they had fun, and this would guarantee me a great outcome.
I used a softbox 24" oct for this image. Used the Nikon SB910 with pocket wizard and a battery pack. Wanted to make sure I was getting a fast enough recycling time. Image in the comments for visual.
Camera used was the Sony A7RII with Sony 90mm Macro f/2.8 G OSS. Edited in photoshop CC and finalized in Lightroom.

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