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Parker ink splash

February 6, 2016

Ten hours in photoshop, a lot of work. But I'm very happy with the effect.

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Igor Ferrum's picture

Extra cool picture

Pawel Pietraszewski's picture

Very nice image. The ink seems quite light in colour (for obvious reasons I am sure your weren't splashing with real ink), but the image is still fantastic. Great job.

Wojciech Indyk's picture

Pawel my wife will kill me if I will throw real ink around the house, heh. Maybe somady in studio if I will have idea for a different photo. Thanks and Cheers.

Salvador Avila's picture

outstanding work

Anonymous's picture

Fantastic image! Great concept and very well worked out! Congrats with your "Photo of the Day"; well deserved!

Alan Hynes's picture

Hi Wojciech. This is great! May I ask which strobe head you used to freeze your liquid and how much pain was if involved in getting to this great end result :) ?

Jake Engel's picture

I usually hate another "splash" photo, but I don't hate this. As someone who makes his living photographing fountain pens, I say 👍.