Natalie | Portrait by Jean-Claude Vorgeack
Jean-Claude Vorgeack's picture

Natalie | Portrait

From a recent portrait session with actress Natalie Lind. Window light with black flag on left, silver board under model.

135mm · f/4.0 · 1/180s · ISO 400
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marcela milagrosa's picture

i'm in love with all your images :)

Jean-Claude Vorgeack's picture

Can't ask for more than that...Thank you!

Michal Mikulski's picture

I absolutely love this image. I just can't stop looking at it. It has a beautiful, film quality. Like Marcela above, I really enjoyed all your pictures and hope to see more!

Jean-Claude Vorgeack's picture

Right on, thanks so much!

Haden Hopkins's picture

Did you crop this down to where it is, or is it the original frame. If cropped, wonderful placement decision. If not, incredible 1-and-done. Beautiful photo. (did you add a little grain, too?)