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Snake Bridge Brittany

99% of my work is with civilians, people who don't know how to model. Every now and then I get to collab with a model and get some practice in a different realm of shooting that I don't normally don't do. This is a cool bridge known as Snake Bridge here in Tucson that is over the main road leading into our downtown area. Brittany is an awesome model and pageant contestant and I really should make a point to shoot with her more.

Canon 5D mk3 and 85mm 1.2 L mk2 lens. shot at f1.4, 1/200 ISO 100. 8 stop ND filter. Main light is an Einstein on a boom with a 28" beauty dish with a diffusion sock. I can't recall the power setting on the strobe, I'm going to guess around 40w/s.

Canon 5D MkIII
85 · f/1.4 · 1/125 · ISO 50
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First snake bridge photo I've seen that doesn't suck.

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Ha, thanks man. I have some pretty terrible photos from this bridge in the past

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Perfect use of the bridge, BTW.