Wedding Sparkler Departure by Patrick Hall
Patrick Hall's picture

Wedding Sparkler Departure

June 25, 2014

Two light setup for this wedding departure; always drag your shutter for sparklers!

55mm · f/5.0 · 1/50s · ISO 1000
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Bo Bickley's picture

Damn you were good even back then. ;-)

Patrick Hall's picture

Haha, yeah this image is 6 years old now; don't question my abilities Bo!

Gabriel Cruz's picture

Wow 6 yo. Some couple might be splitting already after this time. The image stand still! Nice job!

Mike Kelley's picture

Great wedding shot!

Mike Kelley's picture

Or should I say 'weddin'!

Sara Smoot's picture

I haven't had a chance to shoot sparkles at a wedding yet- it's a great tip to me that you used 1/50 shutter speed. Great picture!!! I can't wait to get some sparkler practice in now :)

Chris Adval's picture

I'd love to know how did you light the subjects without the cheesy direct flash effect here?!

Patrick Hall's picture

This was shot with direct flash but the key is to blend in the ambient by slowing your shutter and then also adding the kicker light from the back. If you have enough dramatic lighting, you can actually use direct flash from time to time and it won't look horrible. Obviously this is common for departure shots that happen super fast and you can't bounce light.

Chris Adval's picture

I was always afraid of shooting with people under 1/60th. I've seen some shot at 1/10th and boggles my mind understanding they're not in motion and sharp. I guess its the flash that freezes everything into sharpness?

Patrick Hall's picture

Yep! I shoot many of my reception photos with a shutter speed less than 1/60th. As long as your flash is about a stop or two brighter than the ambient you will have sharp images

Chris Adval's picture

Would that be on any lens/body and disregard camera shake?

Patrick Hall's picture

Yeah def. This was shot at f5 just to give a little more DOF (moving shots at night can be tough to nail). You can see how slow the shutter is because of the blur in the sparklers. Again, your flash will create sharp images as long as the flash is a few stops brighter than the ambient.