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Time Stand Still

I shot this in the Antelope Slot Canyons on a windy day. As the wind blows sand in to the canyon it accumulates on ledges below and eventually starts to flow. Like natures hourglass.

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Karthik Thorali's picture

beautiful. Looks like sand-fall

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Thank you Karthik!

Chris Himstedt's picture

Love this.

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Thanks Chris! Really appreciate it.

Matt Burt's picture

That's really nice!
Did you have to help the sand flow like that or was it doing that on it's own?

Matthew Doudt's picture

I was just at Antelope Canyon last week. I had a private tour. Just one of the prettiest places I've ever shot! Love this. I didn't get as much sand fall as you did here. Really nice!

Christian Berens's picture

looks great! What shutter speed did you end up using??

David Wilder's picture

I love the sand and its motion