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Mazda RX7 Type-R.

70mm · f/5.6 · 1/8s · ISO 400
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You know I think you do wonderful work and your car shots in particular are very very good. This looks like a half done shot, which needs more lighting and more work generally. Not your usual standard at all.

I think we might enjoy working on a car together sometime. I suspect we might both enjoy and learn form the process.

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Hi Ian, sorry to see you're not a fan of this one - it's actually my own car that I've had for many years and this is by far my favourite shot of it! It's not a 'polished' image as such, the highlights follow the many imperfections in the paint that I have come to recognise and appreciate, it's one of the many things that makes the car different from the supercars I work with on most days which are rarely driven.

Sounds good to me, where in the UK are you based?

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I like the car. And a patina is not a problem to me.

I am based in Middlesbrough. Glad you like the idea of doing something together. You're in Leeds, I think? Let's make this happen, some time soon.

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