Jesse by Dylan Patrick
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Susan Rockstraw's picture

I love the colors in this! Great job!

Dylan Patrick's picture

Thanks Susan!

Anonymous's picture

Awesome shot!

Dylan Patrick's picture

Thank you Levi!

Robert Hunter's picture

Excellent shot!

Dylan Patrick's picture

Thanks Robert!

Filip Kowalkowski's picture

great image, from composition to lighting and mood, everything works

Filip Kowalkowski's picture

I'm curious, did you use 3 lights or addapt the ambient for the background?

Dylan Patrick's picture

Thanks Filip! It's 3 lights and ambient. One flash in an Octa to camera right, another flash camera left and behind for the soft kicker/fill and then a 1000watt hot light for the background,

Filip Kowalkowski's picture

Thanks Dylan, wicked setup!

Gabriel Cruz's picture

Very mood. Nice toning. I just didn't like very much of the distant eyes, the guy looks a little bit uncomfortable. Maybe that's the intention. But I see catchligh on his eyes, with shows how well the shot was setup.

Dylan Patrick's picture

Thanks for the feedback Gabriel!

taytus's picture

Pretty awesome shot.