Lake at Grand Tetons National Park by Richard Berry
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Lake at Grand Tetons National Park

April 30, 2016

I think this is Jenny Lake but I don't recall for sure.

18mm · f/22.0 · 1/30s · ISO 200
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We got rained out on our hike to Jenny Lake and never made it all the way in to see the lake. We did see a pair of bears "necking" in a pine tree on the trail before we got caught by weather and turned around. I will have to look for those and post one. The Tetons are an amazing subject. I like the shore line rocks in the foreground. The ragged peaks behind the water and the cloud cover behind the peaks make a very nicely layered image.

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Thank you. You'll have to make another trip out there, it will be worth it. I kept looking for bears but never saw one. My joke when I got home was that I kept looking for bears because I know bears like berries and I'm a Berry and I didn't want to get eaten. I hope you can make it back out there soon.

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We were looking for moose. There were reports of moose at Jenny Lake. Instead, we found bears. (I just posted the bears for you.)