Lone girl by Dmitry Elizarov
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Bill Larkin's picture

really nice

Arthur Allen Catindig's picture

I like this shot! I am interested to know the lighting set up for this one...

Dmitry Elizarov's picture

I believe it resembles that one from the "Gone girl" poster I openly based it on. It looks like they tried to mimic sunrise light from the left and cold luminescent light from the top-right with a little possible fill from the right and front. Here's how I deconstructed it for my home studio anyways: 1 90x60 cm softbox on the left with a studio light set on maxed modeling mode only and 1 off-camera flash on a stand just outside the right frame side to pointed directly up into a 85 cm round reflector placed horizontally to mimic ceiling kind of light as a bounce back from top down in front of the model (it could also point to the white ceiling but mine is too high for that light control). There's a tiny bit of soft window light present on the right and it can be seen in the eye as reflection. I also used clean empty Pringles can with the bottom cut out as a "cone" to limit the flash light spot to exactly the size of the top reflector, it's silver from the inside, so it saves all the light and perfectly limits it's direction.

red cat's picture

please share the setup of this lighting ! it's incredible !!!

James Lewis's picture

Beautiful color grading... This image caught my eye!! :)

Sergei Birukov's picture

Great light and colors

milad samet's picture

waow>>!! amazing photo