Nr. 54 by Marcel Zizkat
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Nr. 54

have been to the netherlands a couple of days ago and finally made it to postprocess my first image of this trip. As I said before I will focuse on black and white fineart the next couple of... YEARS...
I think black and white fineart has so many different aspects and it is so much fun to have a vision in mind and only trying to get this vision of a scene visualized.

While beeing at the bridge I wanted to try out my new Formatt Hitech Firecrest 4.9 ND Filter.
I was a little bit disappointed. Because although it was wirtten 4.9 on it, it was actually a 3.0 ND Filter that needed exactly as much time like my Haida 3.0 ND Filter.
So finally I send it back and got another one. I think this one might work they way it is supposed to be, as I made some test shots the last days.

I hope you like my vision of this 1Mio times photographed place.
Enjoy your day.

If you are interested, you can also have a look at my homepage with my photography blog. I started it 1 week ago and it will get one new topic a week

17mm · f/9 · 298 · ISO 100
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