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Long Exposed Sunrises

July 20, 2016

20 minute Milky Way exposure.

16mm · f/11.0 · 30s · ISO 400
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Crystal Provencher's picture

This. This right here. Holy crap.

Linus Talltjarn's picture

I like the lower part of this image but the night sky looks horrible. Some images dont need a composited night sky. Sometimes less is more.

Robert Huerbsch's picture

he said it is a single 20 min exposure... if so then the low level clouds are blocking the dawn light which is why you see the night sky like that.

Ryan Luna's picture

The OP stated the MW is 20 minutes. The ground has to be a seperate image.

Måns Segerlund's picture

This effect can be created in camera if you start before the sunrise and stop just when the light starts to appear. it is very hard tho.

chris bryant's picture

It's a beaut

tim Matthews's picture

20 minutes exposure and no star trails, guess it's possible with a 0.4mm lens (using the 500 rule)

David T's picture

Or a tracker.

Harry Jones's picture

Wow, I'm looking at getting a star tracker and this has just sold it me, amazing!

ALDO OLALDE's picture

so cool