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Calla Lily of the valley

This is the most beautiful place I have found while taking pics. This is in a valley off the side of the highway in Big Sur, California. I was asking around about it and could not find anyone in the carmel/big sur area that had heard about or had seen this valley. I only knew about it because of seeing a random pic online. After some sleuthing, I had a general idea of where it was. It took me a few drives back and forth around big sur until i found it. A bit of a sketchy hike getting into the valley and it is surrounded by poison oak and stinging nettle. I only fell into the nettle, so all and all not the worst thing ever, better than the poison oak. This vally is about 100 yards long and completely filled with Calla Lily.There is a stream that flows through calla lily and into the ocean. It was really, really breathtaking. I didn't realize until I was reading up on the calla lily that they are an invasive poisonous species. I had no idea. Anyway, it was a beautiful place one I would highly recommend visiting.

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Very nice shot Jeremy, well done :)
Props for keeping the foreground lighting realistic

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You thought the foreground lighting was realistic? I like it, but realistic? No.

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Love this shot. Well done!

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Where in Big Sur is this area?

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Great capture. Well worth the effort.

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Captured perfectly.