The Keeper by Matthew Keeson
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The Keeper

So, I have been sloooooooowly creating images for a small personal project set in houses I housesit. I guess it is my very loose take on (and inspired by) Gregory Crewdson's photography - moody, dramatic and somewhat cinematic. I don't have many, but it has been fun trying to recreate frames I see in my mind. This is one of them.

I originally liked the way the house had a creepy mood when the lights were off and I wanted to try convey a feeling of lonliness and I found the ambient light help create that. I stayed away from flash so I could control the shadows and opted to use a 2ft fluorescent tube light - often underexposing a smidge. This image is a composit of 3 or 4 exposures, specifically exposed for certain areas and brought together using masks and layers.
I want the shadows and the darkness to be characters in this series that I am slowly working on, called 'The Night is Dark and Full of Terror' which I would like to eventually share with the world.

Character: Natalie Lucia

Canon 760D
18mm · f/4.5 · 1/2 sec · ISO 100
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