Inga by Martin Strauss
September 11, 2016

black&white conversion from a older shooting.
i had 2 months habitus and now i am fiddling to get back to my old "form"

I like the imperfections in this photo: her lips, the blurred hand - kind of distracting, but not too much, small "skin issues" and yet her fierce gaze ...

85mm · f/4.5 · 1/400s · ISO 320
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Rafael Orczy's picture

amazing! beautiful image!

Martin Strauss's picture

thanks Rafael!

Andrew Higginbottom's picture

That hand adds an extra dimension to elevate the image above others of a similar nature (that don't have the hand) :-)

Wil Cohen's picture

Awesome. I love the mood, lighting, etc. well done!

Martin Strauss's picture

thx Wil! :)

Daniel Shortt's picture

I like a few skin issues, that 100% perfect look has no humanity.

Martin Strauss's picture

so mine is good or bad?

Daniel Shortt's picture

Mate your stuff is always good, you didn't push the retouch until she stopped looking human, I appreciate that.

Jacques Du Plessis's picture

Really think this speaks to beauty Not being about the skin. Nice.