Sunset in Milford Sound by Nico BABOT
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Sunset in Milford Sound

One of those perfect sunsets when the wind stops just before the sun disappears behind Mitre Peak, allowing for some great reflections. I particularly like how the light reflects on the mist created by the waterfall in the background.

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stephen brownhill's picture

Awesome shot! How do you learn editing post work ? so so good!! great gallery :)

Nico BABOT's picture

Not much editing work on this one mate. Just making sure the lines are ending up in the corners and cleaning the blues in the sky as it was a bit misty.

stephen brownhill's picture

Nico was that a single exposure/ shot? nice amount of detail in the shadows, realistic natural look! you have awesome images great work

Nico BABOT's picture

Yes, one shot on this one. Sun was quite low in the sky so the dynamic range was not to bad.

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