Paulaner beer by Piotr Maksymowicz
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Paulaner beer

October 24, 2016

This is an shot of german bavarian beer. Paulaner is famous all over the Europe and it's one of my favourite beers:) Shot is composite of 6photos - background, labels and different bottle and glass highlights.

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Mateusz Szydlowski's picture

Really cool, love it. Did you use a reflective cardboard behind the glass?

The only thing I'd fix is the shadow being casted by both - bottle and the glass.

Pozdro ;).

Piotr Maksymowicz's picture

Thank you Mateusz, yes in most of beer shots I use cardboard gold or silver - matt or glossy. Thanks for pointing shadows!


Mateusz Szydlowski's picture

The reason I asked is basically that Paulaner is super cloudy comparing to everyday lagers, therefore I guess you needed some more light power to get the nice reflections :).

Would love to see BTS!

Piotr Maksymowicz's picture

Yes it is more cloudy and I thought there will be more problems to lit this bottle than it was.

Unfortunately I haven't done any bts photos : (