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The Freaks Are Out

October 30, 2016

This was such an awesome and fun shoot that we did on the day with these really talented child models.

The concept was simple. A cute Halloween image!

Not only does the lighting, garments and makeup add to the overall mood but what I did to add a bit more surrealism to it, was to enlarge their heads by about 50%.

I think it's one of those images you need to do a double take to figure out whats a little strange about it!

Lighting was a 700mm beauty dish on the right and a 1200mm softbox on the right to soften the shadow.

Model: Lilly Clarke
Model: Kelvin Wasmayr
MUAH: Simone Clarke @ArtistHD
Designer: Ellen Loutas

Canon 5D MkII
50mm · f/9 · 1/125 · ISO 200
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Well done... the distortion works very nicely here

L. C's picture

Original idea (to me at least). Great colour and style.


Ha! So cool! Well done!

Travis Bateman's picture

what an epic touch, enlarging their heads makes them feel a bit more like dolls! Cheers