Girl by Ben Robson
Ben Robson's picture


One of my very first shots on a 40-odd-year-old Mamiya C330 TLR. After seeing the earlier results, I decided to ask this (very bubbly, happy, laughing) girl to look serious. That's because I can see now why the Victorians loved non-smiling photographs so much. As a direct junta position to today's saturation of smiling instas, I think this unsmiling little girl draws attention to her eyes and, perhaps, something of her inner thoughts. The camera, after 40 years, is still magic. I love the sharpness of the eyes and the dramatic depth of field that leaves her strands of her out of focus. I really can't say enough how much I now love 120 film!!

This was also experimental in that I developed the 120 film at home, in the living room, using instant coffee and washing soda. The end result means I won't be using conventional developer again!

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