Unreeled- Ashton by melanie flowers
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Unreeled- Ashton

This unintentionally crisp reflection of the essence of contemporary portraiture was found with this timid subject, in-studio for a complementary makeover session. Pleasantly to my surprise, the far less then "glam-girl" who stepped into the studio, had ironically photographed with a radiant iconic depth of beauty found in the era of classic film portraiture of the 1930's-40's. Her session had very little co-operative planning for outcomes, she'd sent a few sample images and didn't come prepared with wardrobe or accessories, so the session was improvised simplistically and on the spot very quickly. After the make up artist was finished, the subject was wrapped in fabric alone, adored with tulle, a few other accessories and away I shot. I am pretty old school, so I used natural light, one assistant with a reflector & a single modelling lamp for fill, without flash. For this image the subject was laid on her back on a reflective photo matt covered with a loosely dropped very large piece of soft white crinoline & a chiffon fabric for additional background texture.The surrounding studio walls were 5'x10' white gobo boards for backdrop. The session was shot with a Canon SL1 Rebel with a 1.4 50mm lens only. The final image was edited, but was not Photo-shopped in anyway. I would like to thank my incredible subject Ashton and my even more amazing and talented Make up artist Karine Darani. Gatineau, Quebec-Canada

55mm · f/11.0 · 1/13s · ISO 800
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