Porsche 718 Cayman S by Moe Zainal
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Porsche 718 Cayman S

This is my first multiple exposure work, I used a profoto B1 strobe and shot 6 to 7 shots of the car's body, mainly front, middle, back, wheels and a shot with the back and front lights.

I then imported them as layers in Adobe photoshop and masked in the areas that were lit properly.

Once I was happy with the car I then fixed the areas around it, like cleaned up the road and added a vignette, I have also added a bit of blues in the shadow, it went well with the car's color.

The next step was to add a bit of contrast and sharpened areas of the car and the road.

Being new to this hobby, it was a bit challenging because this method is new to me and I couldn't get a reference or a tutorial online on how to achieve this.

Made me happy to see the final result.

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Nice work

Ryan Bent's picture

Love that soft light and shadow detail!

Gerd Moors's picture

Great work!

shotsfired85's picture

You do the youtube videos! love watching the occasional one. Why is the back end foggy on this or is it my comp?

tabletop's picture

It’s a great photo, I love the contrast of the blue against the red taillights. The lighting is spot on too. I love your channel by the way.

Moe Zainal's picture

Thank you for the kind words Adrian :)

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