Ice Bubble by Howard Ashton-Jones
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Ice Bubble

Finally...almost cold enough to try this out.. not perfect..needs to be a lot colder.. Ice Bubble.. Ideally needing minus 4'C, this was at minus 2'C . bubble was blown onto cold surface (my car) lit by the early morning rising sun.. slightly thicker bubble solution seems to work better than the standard kids solution - i added washing up liquid.. I think a better or cleaner solution might give better results without the residue dots on the bubble.

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I have never seen anything like this before. This really is super, super cool!!

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Cheers Rex.. I'd seen an article on it somewhere.. so though better have ago.. its not the perfect one i wanted..but a first attempt.. more when we get some more cold weather.. :)

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So perfectly spherical. Great textures. The dots don't bother me and and I didn't notice them as being detractive until after you mentioned them. If they still bother you, I am sure they could be taken out in post.

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Cheers pal.. its the usual thing i do if looking too critically at my own photos - gotta let it go sometimes.. lol