Yoga Underground by Vegard Breie
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Yoga Underground

January 17, 2017

Shot in a garage. Put the lights to enhance the mood already there. Shot with a slow shuter at 1/60 to get the amient lights in there as well.
Speedlite backlight to the camera left, and a Pro B1 with a softbox backlighting here to the cam right. B1 with a umbrella lighting her from the front cam left.

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Bryan York's picture

These are great shots! Love the mist coming in off the sides. Was just a lucky bonus ?

Vegard Breie's picture

Thx! No that's actually a little smoke machine making it. I figured since it's a garage then hopefully the fire alarm wont go off from it! :D

Bryan York's picture

Very creative idea Vegard! Obviously you shoot this when the garage was not busy/in use

ANGEL ABREO's picture

Awesome image Vegard! Quick question regarding the B1 umbrella lighting camera left. Was the light positioned in the frame and edited out or is it positioned outside of the scope of the frame? Thanks!

Vegard Breie's picture

Outside of the frame. It's also what's hitting the concrete below the light in front of her, and if you look closely on her face you can se that she has a edgelight comming from the speedlight hid behind the concrete, while the other softer light is from that umbrella really hard camera left.

ANGEL ABREO's picture

Thanks for explaining. Awesome job once again!

aaronbratkovics's picture

Legit. Nice work.